Sunday, September 2, 2012

Persian (Assimil)

Yesterday I made a start on Persian.  Assimil of course.

I patiently waited for several months between the course being listed on the Assimil website as coming soon, and actually being able to buy it. Unfortunately it appears to have exactly the same content as the old pdf file that's available on the internet.  I'd presumed this would be a new version but it looks like they were sold out of the old copies and needed to reprint some copies.  Also annoying is the fact that the .mp3 disk doesn't have the text of the lessons unlike the Hindi course.  Having the text already in the Persian alphabet would have made entering the course into my spaced repetition software a bit quicker.

Like the Arabic course, lesson 1 consists of only two sentences.  I don't know whether they're progressing so slowly because of the language or because of the alphabet. 

Reading the intro it looks like there is some difference between the written and spoken language.  I'm sort of commited to using this course but I'm not even sure what sort of Persian I'm going to end up speaking.

At least the book is printed on nice glossy paper so there's no problem reading the dots in the script. And as the vowels aren't indicated they continue the transliteration right to the last lesson.  That's handy if you can't be bothered with the script.

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